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The New Digs is a Seattle Band with New Indie Music

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New Digs
mix the styles of Modern Rock, Soul, Glam, and Indie, naturally into one interconnected vibe. You can dance with The New Digs, you can sing with them, you can throw your hands in the air for the wall of sound made by six beings that hale from the Seattle part of the big Sun-orbiting globe we all call home. From alternative rock to 70's space-glam to moving ballads, The New Digs have the uncanny ability to churn out the catchy hooks, combining pop harmony vocals and the funkiest of grooves. With the lethal combination of timeless songwriting and a stage show that brings the house down every time, this is a band for all ages across the board, this is a band to shake your body to. If you are new to check them out, whatever your thing is, get ready to “Pour Yourself in the Ocean,” welcome to The New Digs!

There will soon be a player/buyer on this site where you can purchase and download
The New Digs Songs like B-train, Whatever Your Thing Is, Shake Your Body, There Was A Time, Pour Yourself in the Ocean, Swimmin' In the Waves, Get On The Bus, and What's On the Inside, so keep checking back for site updates!

Meanwhile you can scroll below to see a few recent show pics or go to the myspace page to hear
The New Digs music
by clicking this link here!

This pic is The New Digs, A Seattle indie music band, with some friends in the Redmond Synergy recording studio, near Seattle.

Photo above- Rubin, Jennifer Cepeta-Nutt, Nutt, lil Orbit Nutt on Stool woof woof, and Woo at Synergy Studios.

New Digs- a familiar Photo meets a revamped logo for new Seattle show

Band Pics from Friday September 14th, 2007 Show:

Phraner, Amarall, Rubin, jamming some original Indie music like the rest of the Seattle bands at club Studio 7

Singer Jason Rubin - The New Digs

Todd Amarall whaling a little New Digs riffage!

There's A Reason for this New Digs tune.. ha ha

Dj Ayodeji busts some rhymes on Pour Yourself in the Ocean

The New Digs Chicks belt out some back-ups in Seattle!

New Digs - some of the cool crowd at outside the fine Seattle Music establishment, Studio 7